Maintenance is Essential

Air conditioners are built to be durable machinery that lasts many years. It’s essential to have maintenance done on air conditioners to make sure that they last a long time, and also to increase their efficiency. Air conditioning systems require care to maintain their longevity, and neglecting the system can lower the effectiveness of the system and even damage it completely. If the air conditioning system hasn’t completely shut down from lack of maintenance, its weak cooling capabilities will increase energy bills, up the cost of maintenance, incur repair charges, and even void any warranty on the unit.

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Lower Small-Scale and Large-Scale Costs Over Time

For every year that an air conditioner system isn’t serviced or maintained, its efficiency goes down by five percent. Over time, the damage done is significant. A yearly check of the system might seem like some money at the time, but it’s significantly lower than the amount of money it costs to repair a whole air conditioning unit. An example is this: A central air conditioning unit can cost five-hundred to four thousand dollars, not including installation and labor costs. Getting an annual work-up on the air conditioner and getting a tune-up done will maintain the system’s health and avoid a catastrophic bill later on down the road.

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Cost-Effective Ways to Start Saving Money on Energy Bills.

  • First, get maintenance done on the unit at least twice a year.
  • Secondly, maintain the filter once a month to allow air to flow to the air conditioner without any obstructions.
Third, Keep the shades and curtains down, closed, or shaded on the west and south facing windows of the home, as this can save three to six percent of energy costs to decrease the air conditioner’s load.
Fourth, make sure the air conditioning’s outside unit is turned off when one is cutting the grass, as debris that accidentally gets blown into the unit can block the airway and lead to lowered efficiency levels of one’s heating systems and cooling systems.
  • Finally, a strange but helpful tip is to plant a tree, as trees can absorb cardio dioxide from the atmosphere and also give shade to the home, which will even lower energy costs.
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Maintaining A/C Health While Away From Home

If one is going on vacation or will be gone for an extended weekend, it’s wise never entirely turn the air conditioning unit off. There are several ‘smart technology’ apparatuses with apps that can help one control the settings at home while they are far away. It’s imperative to know that in the summer, humid as well as heat can build within the walls of the home, the furniture, and the carpet. Of course, in these conditions, one shouldn’t turn the air conditioning off completely, however, its good advice to increase the temperature by four degrees to help lower utility bills. When it’s warm or hot, it will be harder for the system to get the home’s temperature up to a comfortable point, which will reflect as an increase in the energy bill.

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Maintenance Now Saves a Headache Later

In the end, a bit of knowledge can help one keep energy costs low, maintain the efficiency of the air conditioning system, and keep the home at a comfortable temperature. Maintaining a home’s air conditioning system will save money on costly repairs, and even a very expensive complete overhaul of the entire system. Simple tips, such as remembering to change the filter and scheduling yearly and bi-yearly maintenance can make a lasting impression on the air conditioning system.

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