Twin Heating & Air has extensive experience when it comes to air conditioning maintenance and repair. We have seen nearly everything that could possibly go wrong with your air conditioning unit, which makes us the best solution you can find for air conditioning repair in the area of Apex, North Carolina.

Common Repair Problems with Your Air Conditioning Units

Below is a list of problems we are commonly contacted in regards to air conditioning units just like yours:

When your air conditioner is forced to operate too long without the assistance of a fan motor, it’ll almost certainly overheat. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that the fan motor on the outside of your home is operating as it should. If this fan fails and it goes too long without you noticing, your air conditioner compressor can easily burn up. When that happens, the entire air conditioning unit will need to be replaced.

Typically air conditioners do not require that you replace the Freon they use to run, a process that is also commonly referred to as a “recharge.” If you find yourself having to perform a recharge (or contacting us to do one), there is a good chance that there is a leak somewhere within your air conditioning system. If this leak is found early on, extensive damage can usually be avoided, and therefore the issue can be resolved with little cost. If the issue is left untended for a longer period of time, the damage can be greater, which will in turn increase the expenses to repair as well.

Sometimes the outside portion of your air conditioning unit can simply stop working all together. This can be the result of many things, most common of which is a blown breaker or a loss of power to the unit. We can help you troubleshoot the issue and come up with an easy and effective course of action to correctly repair it.

Refrigerant leaks can cause the coil inside your unit to freeze, or even duct blockages can cause this as well. Frozen coils are a very common issue we see in air conditioning units, and they can even sometimes be cause by simply not changing the air filters regularly enough. This is typically something that is easily avoided.

When you air conditioning unit is not receiving the power it needs, it can easily fail to run as efficiently as you’d like. This can result in higher electricity costs or a warmer home. This can easily be assessed by our specialists.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if any issues arise and we will help you diagnose the issue. But also, don’t forget that most of these issues are easily avoided with proper maintenance and check-ups, so call us today to schedule yours!

Firstly, Choose Routine Maintenance

At Twin Heating & Air, we offer routine servicing and maintenance checks for all of the important aspects of your air conditioning unit to ensure that nothing is overlooked when it comes to its overall health and performance. These routine checks are the first step when it comes to avoiding any pratfalls or problems with your air conditioning unit, however we know that sometimes things can easily slip through the cracks. Not everything is within our control, and therefore we are faced with certain issues that can call for speedy and efficient repair.

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