Energy Conservation Tips

Homeowner Maintenance

  • Air Filters – The most important maintenance that you can do for your furnace and air conditioner is to clean or replace the air filters monthly. Dirty air filters cause the AC unit to work harder than necessary. In heating season, they can cause the furnace to overheat if they are clogged. The energy bill can act as a monthly reminder to do this—change the air filter before sending out the bill. TWIN Heating & Air recommends using a quality pleated filter. Don’t be fooled by the “high efficiency” $15 filters that say they last 3 months. These filters are excellent but since they filter out even the smallest particles, they become clogged faster and need to be changed even more often. A $3 or $4 pleated filter you can buy at your local hardware or even some grocery stores is fine. DO NOT USE the “blue cobweb” filters that you can see through. If you can see through the filter, dirt can pass through it and build up on the evaporator coils and other surfaces inside you system reducing efficiency.
  • Clean Registers – Air registers (particularly return registers) should be kept clean and should not be blocked by furniture, carpets, or drapes.
  • Outdoor Air Circulation – You want to make sure that there is adequate air flow around your outdoor condensing unit. Keep bushes trimmed back by 12″ or so (24″ or more at the fan output). Don’t shoot grass clippings or other debris into the coils. Don’t let ivy or other weeds grow into the condensing unit. If you notice that the coils are clogged with grass clippings, dust or other contaminants call TWIN Heating & Air to have the coils chemically cleaned.
  • Condensation Drain – When running your air conditioner, make sure that the plastic condensation drain coming out of your house is dripping water. This water is the humidity that has been removed from the air by your air conditioner & needs to be drained somewhere where no damage will occur. If your drain becomes blocked the water will backup into your air handler or furnace and possibly into your ductwork causing expensive damage. If no water is coming out of the drain after your AC has been running for 15 or twenty minutes, call TWIN Heating & Air for service. If there are two drains together, only one should be draining water, if water is coming out of both drains you are avoiding damage but you still may have a problem.
  • Raise Temperature Settings – Each degree of temperature can represent up to 9% savings in cooling costs.
  • Keep the Fan on “AUTO” – It is usually not necessary to run the fan constantly when the air conditioner or furnace is turned on.
  • Use Ceiling Fans – Moving air with ceiling fans can increase the comfort range. To save energy, treat ceiling fans like a light. If you are not in the room, turn them off as they do not lower the air temperature.
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