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Whenever you demand the services of a technician to repair your home heating or air conditioner system, do not hesitate to contact us at Twin Heating and Air Company. With us, you can be certain that we will keep your family comfortable throughout the year. All our technicians are experienced and licensed to ensure that your home’s air conditioner is up and running at its optimum performance. Not only do we offer services in repair and installation of heating and air systems, but also we give you the most appropriate tips on how you can do minor repairs by yourself.

Top Tips For Repairing A Heating and AC System

In normal circumstances, air conditioners should not run low on refrigerant and therefore, at no point does an AC require recharge of the refrigerant. Do the assessment of the refrigerant in your air conditioner regularly. When you find out that you are running low on Freon, the common refrigerant, then this is an indication that there is a leak at some point in the system. Our experts will help you choose the appropriate repair basing on the location of the leakage. For instance, if the leak is in the coil or evaporator, you will be required to replace the whole system due to the significant expense associated with refilling the refrigerant. Any leak in a visible valve or joint will only require a quick repair with very minimal expense.

As soon as you discover that the fan on the outside unit is not running, you need to plan for repair sooner than later. The damage that a non-functional motor fan can bring to the whole air conditioning unit can be catastrophic. Most obviously, a malfunctioned motor fan leads to overheating of the system causing severe damage to the compressor. You need to repair the fan urgently since operating the air conditioner for a long time without the fan, the compressor of the system will blow up. When this happens, you will need a total replacement of the unit. In most case, the malfunctioning is due to loose blades or dirt accumulation on the blades, you, therefore, need to call us for experts to tighten up the blades for you.

It is not uncommon to have the outside unit of the air conditioner or heating system in total breakdown. Should you find this in your system, then the most implicated reason could either be the improper power supply to the unit or a blown circuit breaker. You don’t have to panic, just reach out to our specialized technicians who will come and make the exact diagnosis, after which, they will troubleshoot your air conditioner and make other worthy repairs.

Inappropriate wiring can lead to either inadequate power getting into the heating system to run the system smoothly or no power at all being registered. Intermittent breakdown of your heating or air conditioner is an implication that there could be some faults in the wiring of the system. Any qualified technician from our company can solve this within the shortest Atime possible. All you need to do is to contact us and we shall have your problem fixed once and for all.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if any issues arise and we will help you diagnose the issue. But also, don’t forget that most of these issues are easily avoided with proper maintenance and check-ups, so call us today to schedule yours!

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