Has Your Furnace Been Serviced Yet?

With winter rapidly approaching, you’re counting on your furnace being in good working order and ready to go when it’s needed. While today’s heating systems are more reliable and environmentally efficient than ever before, they still require periodic maintenance. Although it’s getting down to the wire, there’s still time to have your furnace inspected and maintained before it’s really needed. And a properly maintained furnace doesn’t just mean reliable heat when you and your family need it. Regularly scheduled furnace maintenance means financial savings in terms of energy bills. And scheduled maintenance also means a furnace that is safer as well as environmentally friendly. Read on to make sure that your furnace has what it needs to get it and you through the winter.

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Why Furnace Maintenance Isn’t A DIY Job

It’s understandable that as a homeowner you want to know how the components of your home’s systems work. And there are some basic things about a home’s furnace that all owners should understand. They should:

  • know where the system’s main power switch is located
  • know if a system has a reset switch and where it is located
  • know where the system’s thermostat is located and how to adjust it
  • know how to relight the pilot light
  • know what type of fuel system it uses and how to gauge levels
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Why is it unwise for inexperienced homeowners to attempt furnace maintenance beyond these measures?

1. Many homeowners don’t understand what needs maintenance or how it needs to be maintained.

This inexperience often leads to costly breakdowns and furnaces that don’t work as they should. Vents are a good example. A number of homeowners don’t think that they need to be kept clean and open, especially if leading to unused areas. The opposite is actually true to insure peak furnace performance. And checking vents means checking both interior and exterior ones (for leaks as well as dirt) in addition to connections, something most homeowners miss.

2. Warranties

These often can be voided if not inspected and maintained by a certified technician.

3. Safety

Gases, wiring, seals, and drainage should all be inspected by certified professionals to avoid the development of unsafe issues.

What Annual Furnace Maintenance Should Include

  • have all vents checked for blockage and leaks, as well as checking all direct furnace connections
  • have combustible gas levels checked to meet system specifications
  • have the furnace’s blower access door seal inspected
  • have the fresh air intake system checked for buildup
  • have the heat exchanger checked for rusting
  • have all burners inspected
  • have the furnace’s drains and hoses inspected
  • have the furnace’s condensation drain and trap cleaned, and the trap’s water replaced

And don’t forget that these inspections should include blower wheel removal and inspection, motor amp testing, and wiring inspection.

Safe and proper furnace inspection isn’t for amateurs. To make sure that your furnace’s professional checkup gets done before winter’s big workout, call us today for an appointment

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